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Spring is finally making an appearance around here, and I'm sure feeling the positive effects! The winter here was pretty brutal. I missed the sunlight very much. Hopefully I can say that the long stretches of dry, grey, and cold weather is over.

Now onto the music - the next 2 weeks should mark the end of production for "Hungry Gods". Things started to snowball into a lot of future plans for more music, so I really had to get a grasp on the gravity of this whole thing and start to tighten the ropes a bit. The absorption of the Soft Teeth project turned into an interesting process in which I was able to unlock a few morsels of material for the next waves of Beta Rat releases, but in doing so I ended up revisiting a bit of the current album and making some tweaks along the way. Nothing major, but enough to keep the progress from being anything groundbreaking.

Lastly, Aqualung Records has officially signed Beta Rat to it's roster of artists!!! So we have a label to release everything under!

I'm out to enjoy the sunshine and collect more of what the world has for us all.


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