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Pulling Some "Teeth" for the Rat

Back in September I spend a good month or so writing a collection of songs that I originally intended to record and release under the name "the Soft Teeth". This venture never really left the ground aside from a 10-song demo of acoustic tracks & lyrics.

As time passed and projects took shape (and still no progress on the Soft Teeth besides the previously mentioned demo) the album project fell to the wayside and had nearly become forgotten. Until now...

When I decided to rush a song out for the NPR Tiny Desk Contest, I intentionally used a song from the Soft Teeth album to test the waters with my new writing/composition style, and sure enough it worked to my liking. So I revisited the rest (wall, most) of the Soft Teeth material and I have decided to graft all of the workable songs from that project into Beta Rat. So "Hungry Gods" is still in production/mixing right now, but there will be some more material to be released shortly after.

Stay tuned!

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