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Updates from the Studio & More

It certainly has been a very long week - tracking for all instrumentation (besides vocal) has been completed as of Friday morning. The rest of the weekend was spent upgrading & updating the DAW and relocating the studio environment to a more pleasing space for the final steps of the recording process. With the artwork securely wrapped up and ready for print, the final steps are being made to complete the first Beta Rat release.

Oh yeah, and we secured !!! Yes, no more "free" site for the project; we now have a legit domain & dedicated email:

As the coming weeks go by, expect to see this site come to life a bit more - the follow us links will lead to Beta Rat-related pages instead of the stock company branded ones, music may end up streaming, videos of the process will show up (maybe even some v-log style posts), and definitely more information on the album (tracks, artwork, how to purchase, release dates, etc).

There is much to be done, but this is a start.

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